With our close working relationship with all the regulation and stakeholders in the industry cum licenced customs agent, we have been able to have made a mark in importation clearance handling.

SHIPPING TO NIGERIA: Importation Clearance Handling

The Clearing Agent proceeds to let the Custom Authority and affiliated Government Agencies know what is in the shipment. It is also called import customs clearance or just Clearance for brief. The Customs Clearance Vendor works with concerned parties to generate and vet clearing documents. Then, the Clearing Agent will use the documents to process Pre-Arrival Assessment Report, Single Goods Declaration (SGD), and Assessment Notice.

Normally, scanned copies of documents are enough to initiate clearance process before cargo reaches destination. It is best to complete reasonable clearance steps before cargo enters Nigeria. Cargo has entered Nigeria as soon as it crosses the border and leaves a Customs bonded area.

Depending on the shipping terms, the consignee or importer pays for the services of the clearance vendor. Clearance Vendor fee is quite different from the Custom Duty payable to the state. Usually paid by the consignee or importer to the Nigerian Customs Agency on behalf of the Nigerian Government, for the goods imported into Nigeria.

Destination handling usually comes in the form of local transportation of the cargo or container to the importer. Or, to a predetermined storage warehouse. The importer usually pays for this process called import haulage. For Delivered Duty paid (DDP) terms, the importer has no extra haulage charge to pay. Export Haulage is often the case because the terms are mostly C&F, CIF or Free-On-Board. In my next article I will explain what these terms mean in the Nigerian context.

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