This is the process of measuring, examining, testing, counting etc; so as to ascertain its standard, quantity or quality to ensure that it conforms to the specified standard or specification. We do all these on behalf of our clients in order to create a relief for them.

Cargo Inspection Services

Waltolye Limited helps protect high value bulk commodity cargos, significantly reducing risk of loss exposure to the trading parties involved.

Inspection occurs during critical transportation, custody transfer and storage operations. With a long track record of experience and success, Waltolye Limited has provided professional cargo inspection services since 2012. Waltolye Limited performs inspection services to global industry standards and other recognized criteria.

Measuring cargo quantity and quality:

Bulk commodities like crude oil, chemicals, fuels, grains, edible oils and many other product are measured, analyzed and verified for shipment and inventory quantity and quality. Inspectors survey and sample representative product from bulk storage tanks, tankers, cargo ships, barges, shore storage and transfer facilities, rail-cars and warehouses. Waltolye Limited follow accepted industry and regulatory methods and practices to obtain accurate, reliable and repeatable results.

Commodity cargos inspected and tested:

  • Petroleum Cargo Inspection
  • Petro-Chemical Cargo Inspection
  • Agricultural Cargo Inspection
  • Minerals Inspection and Surveying
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